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MBA COURSES Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019
University of OuluUniversity of Oulu
University of Oulu
University of Oulu is an international science university where we create knowhow for the future and produce new information to build a more sustainable, healthy and intelligent world. Founded in 1958, University of Oulu is one of the largest universities in Finland and one of the northernmost multidisciplinary universities in the world. We educate competent experts capable of creating successful, lifelong careers in the dynamic work market. Our degree programmes are inspiring and student-centered, and they encourage each student to achieve their full academic potential. This has created a culture where anything is possible. As a fact, many innovations that have changed the world have their roots here in Oulu.
The location of the University of Oulu
  • 1 main campus, the biggest indoor campus in the Nordic Countries
  • 14,000 students
  • 1,100 international students
  • 3,000 staff members
  • 10 faculties
  • 8 restaurants
  • 4 cafeterias
University of Oulu welcomes hundreds of international students each year. We meet and greet all new students in the beginning of their academic journey with the Orientation kicking off the studies on campus. Orientation introduces you to the studies and study environment and you get to meet your fellow students, both international and Finnish.

UniOulu takes care of individuals. We support your academic challenges with a functioning infrastructure and easy access assistance. At your department you will have a personal academic contact who can be addressed casually by their first name and who will help you with making your individual study plan. A well prepared study plan is a valuable tool to make progress in your study path.

You get to meet your kummi, first student colleague, online even before arriving. Kummis are senior students of the University of Oulu trained to help you in the beginning to get accustomed to daily life in Oulu.
Student housing
The local student housing found­ation PSOAS offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities, from shared apartments to studios, around the city area. No matter where you live in Oulu, services ran­ging from supermarkets to libraries and sport facilities are close to your home. PSOAS is ranked by students as one of the leading housing pro­viders in the world.
Tellus Innovation Arena
Tellus Innovation Arena is an open innovation space located at the heart of Linnanmaa Campus area. It is built for learning, collaboration and events for all open-minded explorers from inside and outside of the university. Meet people, develop ideas, present projects and find friends to start your own company – it makes all the difference.
Health services
Student health services for all Bachelor and Master level students are located at the Linnanmaa campus. Health services include medical, mental, and dental treatment. Most services are free of charge while some incur a nominal fee.
Student organisations
Student organisations are experts in organising cultural activities, sporting events, parties, and trips in Finland. These study-field-specific organisations have internationally experienced members with first-hand knowledge to share.
University sports
Finns are sports enthusiasts. The university offers sports activities for its students and staff ranging from ballet to climbing and yoga, from kayaking to cross-country skiing. Feel free to pick the one that is closest to your body and soul!
Two-year Master's Programmes:
Business and Economics
  • Economics €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Finance €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Financial and Management Accounting €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • International Business Management €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Marketing €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Finance, Double Degree Programme €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Education and Globalisation €13,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Learning, Education and Technology €13,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
Engineering and Architecture
  • Architecture €13,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Computer Science and Engineering €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Environmental Engineering €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Product Management €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Wireless Communications Engineering €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, double degree €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • European Masters Programme in Software Engineering, double degree €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
Health Sciences
  • Molecular Medicine €13,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Molecular Medicine, double degree €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
Natural Sciences
  • Ecology and Population Genetics €12,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Protein Science and Biotechnology €13,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment       €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Geosciences, double degree €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
  • Geography - Specialization on Tourism Georgraphies, double degree €10,000/academic year (for non-EU/EEA citizens)
Estimated Expenses for International Students
Tuition €10,000-13,000 (for non-EU/EEA students)
Student Union Fee €109/academic year
Accommodation €250-500/month
Estimated living costs including accommodation* €700-900/month
*Minimum sum required by the Finnish immigration authorities for non-EU citizens’ residence permit     €560/month
UniOulu Scholarship Programme
The University of Oulu International Master's Scholarship Scheme (IM Scholarship) provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Master's degree in the University of Oulu two-year International Master's programmes. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver covering 75% of the full tuition fee. Applicants can apply for the tuition scholarship as part of the admissions process. University of Oulu IM Scholarships do not cover living costs
To apply for Master's level studies in the University of Oulu you are required to hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, from an institution of higher education, with good or excellent merits. The degree should be equivalent of at least three years of full-time studies (180 ECTS). A good command English of English language is a requirement. English language proficiency should be equivalent to TOEFL iBT 92 or IELTS 6.5. Language skills are always tested with all applicants.

Go ahead and complete the form on the right and we will be in touch with you to discuss your future at UniOulu!
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Inspiration at the University of Oulu
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